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With the passage of time, it’s tempting to look at the past indulgently and it isn’t just Neil Harvey who claims that things were better in his day. There’s a genuine tendency to look at the era that you grew up in as the golden age. My uncle will never look beyond Pelé, Tostão, Gerson and Rivelino, just as I’ll always swear by Greenidge, Richards, Holding and Roberts.

In some cases, though, you’re more than happy to leave the past behind. It’s hard not to feel diffident about one-day cricket in the mid-1990s. In the half-decade before the Delhi police blew the lid off match-fixing, the bookies ran amok. How many results from that era can we take seriously? How many matches did Hansie Cronje fiddle with, especially given that he won such a high percentage? And most importantly, how did those who weren’t on the take feel about being sold down the river?

Exactly 15 years ago, four teams gathered in Colombo to play a tournament called the Singer World Series. It would subsequently become infamous for John-the-Bookie revelations, especially concerning the Pakistan-Australia game that was investigated by the Qayyum Commission and many others.

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